The Martinice Bible and its Journey from the 15th to the 21st Century: The Story of One Exhibit from the Exhibition “Charles IV – Emperor by the Grace of God”. The Restoration Work of Jarmila and David Frank

  • This exhibition was held from 27 March – 14 April 2006 in the vestibule of the CR Academy of Sciences building.
  • 20 panels in A2 format.
  • The exhibition told the story of the rarest item in the ASL’s historical collection, the handwritten Latin bible from the 1430s known as the Martinice Bible, which contains a unique illustration of the burning of Master John Huss. From September 2005 – January 2006 the bible was exhibited at New York’s Metropolitan Museum in the prestigious exhibition “Prague, the Crown of Bohemia 1347–1437”, which was then presented at Prague Castle from February to May 2006 under the title “Charles IV – Emperor by the Grace of God”. Prior to being loaned out, the bible was fully digitalized and the restorer David Frank created hand-made facsimiles of eight of its pages, including the initial with the scene of the burning of Huss; Mrs Jarmila Franková produced a bound book for the facsimiles. All photo documentation and explanatory texts from the exhibition are archived on CD-ROM.