Encyclopedia of the Book

  • This exhibition was held from 25 October – 25 November 2007 in the vestibule of the ASL reading room.
  • The exhibition presented the content of “Encyclopedia of the Book – book printing and related fields from the 15th to the 19th century”, the author of which was Petr Voit. Using 2,420 entries, 635 reproductions and several indices with extensive lists of specialist literature, the author compiled a reference book which has no equal in Czech bibliography. Thanks to P. Voit, experts, students and those interested in the history of book printing during the period of hand-bound volumes have a basic compendium which summarizes not only the contemporary knowledge of Czech and foreign researchers, but also the results of the author’s own studies of the sources. Incorporated into the Encyclopedia’s entries was some information from the manuscript material of the Bibliography of Foreign-Language Printed Bohemica 1501-1800, compiled by the ASL’s Department of Historical Bibliography.