Humanismus v rozmanitosti pohledů


Humanism from Diverse Viewpoints. Farrago festiva Iosepho Hejnic nonagenario oblata. [Humanismus v rozmanitosti pohledů. Farrago festiva Iosepho Hejnic nonagenario oblata.] Prepared for publication by Anežka Baďurová, Kamil Boldan, Andrea Jelínková and Marta Vaculínová. Prague, Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, 2014. 488 pages.

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The Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences published the collective monograph Humanism from Diverse Viewpoints. Farrago festiva Iosepho Hejnic nonagenario oblata in October 2014 on the occasion of a significant anniversary in the life of PhDr. Josef Hejnic, CSc. This monograph contains a total of twenty-five articles from the pens of leading scholars in the fields of history, archival science, philology, bibliography and Bohemistics from the Czech Republic and abroad. The authors and publishers are presenting this collection of studies and deliberations on humanism to the academic community as an expression of their respect for the scientific erudition of Dr. Hejnic and as a bold attempt to express their gratitude to him for everything he has done to enrich their knowledge and inspire their own work. As the title of the publication suggests, its central theme is humanism considered from various viewpoints of scholarship. The texts are divided into five chapters devoted to humanism and its legacy, the manuscript tradition and history, humanist authors and their works, the history of printing, and the history of libraries, supplemented by four personal memories recounted by friends and colleagues of Dr. Hejnic of many years’ standing and an extensive bibliography of Hejnic’s works. Expert studies in three languages – Czech, German and English – are accompanied by an English résumé and abstract and a number of colour supplements.