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An online Encyclopedia of book in Czech Middle ages and Early modern period

Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences and National Library of the Czech Republic published an Encyclopedia that covers the period from the beginnings of the Czech book culture in the Middle Ages to the disappearance of the hand press book at the beginning of the 19th century. It contains both explanatory entries for both individual book history phenomena and development. It is based on 2400 entries from an encyclopedia focused on a printed book (Petr Voit, Book Encyclopedia: older printing press and related fields between the 15th and the beginning of the 19th century, Prague 2006).
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The journal Knihy a dějiny no. 1–2, vol. 25, 2018 has just been issued

The most interesting items in the latest edition of Knihy a dějiny are perhaps studies devoted to research into Czech printing production before the Battle of White Mountain. The subject of the paper by Jana Tvrzníková is illustrational material from the workshop of the Prague printer Mikuláš Štraus. Andrea Jelínková (Genres and Topics in the Production of the Czech Printing Works of the 16th Century) and Vojtěch Šícha (The Syntax of the Prague Print Production of the 16th Century) analyse printed works published by printers in Bohemia and Moravia with the contribution of new research opportunities created within the scope of the project Knihově The paper by Marta Hradilová is devoted to the history of the library of the Capuchin monastery in Mnichovo Hradiště and the importance of period catalogues to research of these book collections.
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Swedish Book Plunder from Bohemia and Moravia 1646–1648 online

The Library of the CAS has opened a new web portal that makes fundamental sources and information resources on research into Swedish book plunder in the years 1646–1648 accessible to experts and the general public alike.
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Knihy a dějiny – Edition 1-2, Volume 23, 2016 has just been published

The current edition of Books and History contains source studies devoted to Bohemian and Moravian printers. Jana Tvrzníková considers illustrational material produced by Michael Peterle, a printer from Prague in the 16th century, while Miroslav Myšák has analysed and edited the income ledger of the printer Anna Alžběta Ettelová from Olomouc in the middle of the 17th century. Two more papers are devoted to the frontispieces that were placed in printed works for promotional and marketing purposes to encourage readers to make purchases (Hana Beránková, The Typology of Baroque Frontispieces in Printed Works from Bohemia, and Klára Andresová, Frontispieces and Engraved Title Pages of Military Handbooks). The paper written by Veronika Sladká devoted primarily to the medieval history of the library at St. Thomas’ Augustinian Monastery in Prague, a continuation of which is to be found in the next edition, provides a summary of the given topic. Číst dále »

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