Swedish Book Plunder from Bohemia and Moravia 1646–1648 online

The Library of the CAS has opened a new web portal that makes fundamental sources and information resources on research into Swedish book plunder in the years 1646–1648 accessible to experts and the general public alike.

The basis of the portal consists of a specialised database of surviving copies which contains bibliographic data on each book along with a detailed description of provenance details, including information on the bindings of the books and, where possible, photographic documentation. The database currently contains records on around a third of the books known today; additional data will be added on a continual basis in line with continuing research at foreign libraries. The database also features a map showing the sites of the books’ current locations which, in addition to the geographical aspect, also enables filtering according to original book collections or individual owners. The portal’s second visualisation feature is a “travel” map with illustrational and pictorial materials and information on the main routes of the often eventful journeys taken by Czech books through Europe. The web portal also mediates digital copies of all the original catalogues that were taken along with libraries from Bohemia and Moravia and that were preserved at the Royal Library in Stockholm, and also makes available the first Czech translation of the Bohemistic passages of the book Storhetstidens litterära krigsbyten by the Swedish historian Otto Walde with expert notes reflecting the current state of knowledge.