Bibliography of the Works of J. A. Comenius (card catalogue)

Digitized copies of bibliographical descriptions of around 1,035 records of published works by J. A. Comenius, identified using heuristics and excerption of Comenius literature and the catalogues of 130 domestic and 220 foreign libraries. In the case of approximately one fifth of these no specific extant copy is yet known of, while the other editions have been given a detailed bibliographical description according to the principles used for the processing of the Bibliography of Foreign-Language Printed Bohemica up to 1800. This bibliography incorporates not only the writings of J. A. Comenius which were issued as independent editions, but also works which form part of the body of work of other authors, and also works which Comenius co-wrote, translated, published or edited. Linked to the records are lists of identified extant copies. the section named J. A. Comenius – Manuscripts contains records referred to in Comenius literature where it has been verified that these relate to an extant manuscript rather than a printed text. In 2007 the bibliography of works by J. A. Comenius was also issued on the CD-ROM “Baďurová, Anežka et al.: Bibliography of the works of J. A. Comenius printed up to 1800. Prague, Library of the Academy of Sciences CR, 2007. CD-ROM.”