16th and 17th Century Bohemica by Printer (card catalogue)

Alphabetically ordered digitized bibliographical descriptions of foreign-language works printed in the territory of today’s Czech Republic in the 16th and 17th centuries. These are the results of a bibliographical survey initiated in the mid-50s and completed in 1993, with newly discovered Bohemica then being added to the database. the card catalogue does not contain descriptions of editions of works by Bohuslav Balbín and John Amos Comenius, whose personal bibliographies were issued separately by the Department of Historical Bibliography and can also be accessed on the website of the ASL Department of Historical Bibliography. Individual editions of works are ordered alphabetically by the author’s name or by the first noun in the nominative in the case of anonymous writings. the card index records have not undergone any revision or correction before scanning and it is therefore necessary to approach them in the knowledge that they can be corrected and the Department of Historical Bibliography will gratefully receive any additional information. Also linked to the bibliographical descriptions as an auxiliary tool are copies of a provisional version of an auxiliary index of printers, ordered by name. This at least facilitates literature searches related to the history of specific printworks.

This handwritten bibliographic material was also made available by the CR Academy of Sciences Library in 2003 on the CD-ROM “Bibliography of Foreign-Language Printed Bohemica 1501–1800. I. 16th and 17th century productions by printworks in the present territory of the Czech Republic. Introduction by Anežka Baďurová. Prague, Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 2003. CD-ROM”

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