16th and 17th Century Bohemica by Content (card catalogue)

Alphabetically ordered digitized bibliographical descriptions of 16th- and 17th-century foreign-language Bohemical productions by foreign printworks, i.e. foreign editions of works by authors originating from the Czech lands and works by foreign authors related to the Czech lands in terms of their content or the circumstances in which they were created. Bibliographical entries are reproduced only for those editions which could be described bibliographically using an extant copy or copies whose library shelf marks are given in the bibliographical description (usually on the last card). the card index records have not undergone any revision or correction before scanning and it is therefore necessary to approach them in the knowledge that they can be corrected and the Department of Historical Bibliography will gratefully receive any additional information. In view of the fact that the information published here in scanned form is handwritten and was originally understood as a basis for editorial changes and additions, there are even some cards which contain only very brief biographical data on a particular author without this being followed by a description of one of his Bohemical works. These are entries which were created using excerpts from specialist literature drawing attention to the possible authorship of Bohemical writings.

Card catalogue: