The Rosenberg Library: myths and facts

  • This exhibition was held from 1 November 2011 – 31 January 2012 in the vestibule of the ASL reading room.
  • 8 panels
  • By organizing this exhibition about the library of the lords of Rosenberg the CR Academy of Sciences Library linked the programme Science and Technology Week with the 400th anniversary of this influential noble family’s departure from the historical scene. It was at the beginning of November 1611 that the last member of this family, Petr Vok of Rosenberg, died, and it was he who developed the family’s book collection into a Renaissance collector’s library comparable to even the most extensive libraries in Central Europe. Today a large part of the Rosenberg library, including the original catalogue, is in Sweden, where it was taken as war loot from Prague in 1649 after wintering in the Dömitz border fortress in Mecklenburg. the ASL exhibition looked at the origin and growth of the library, its content, fate and scientific examination.