Knihy a dějiny, č. 1-2, roč. 25, 2018

The most interesting items in the latest edition of Knihy a dějiny are perhaps studies devoted to research into Czech printing production before the Battle of White Mountain. The subject of the paper by Jana Tvrzníková is illustrational material from the workshop of the Prague printer Mikuláš Štraus. Andrea Jelínková (Genres and Topics in the Production of the Czech Printing Works of the 16th Century) and Vojtěch Šícha (The Syntax of the Prague Print Production of the 16th Century) analyse printed works published by printers in Bohemia and Moravia with the contribution of new research opportunities created within the scope of the project Knihově The paper by Marta Hradilová is devoted to the history of the library of the Capuchin monastery in Mnichovo Hradiště and the importance of period catalogues to research of these book collections.

In the part of the journal that is not peer-reviewed, you can read reports on two new Internet sources for research into Czech literary culture. The first is the bibliographic information portal Swedish Book Plunder from Bohemia and Moravia 1646–1648 which was realised within the programme Strategy AV21; the second is the Internet Encyclopaedia of Books in the Czech Middle Ages and Early Modern Times which is a result of the project Knihově

As usual, the journal also contains current news about bibliographic conferences and gatherings and reviews of new Czech and foreign bibliographic literature, including a selection of the latest studies on bibliographic topics.

The publication language of the journal is Czech. Contributions are published with an English translation of abstracts, keywords and résumés.

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